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Slackline activity in blackwell missouri, baby walking a slack line at the missouri eclipse festival

What Can I Expect at the Missouri Eclipse Festival? This festival is a family friendly event with wellness focused roots. The property is a family farm with cows, goats and horses. Being mindful you can engage with the animals. You can expect to be immersed into nature and have the opportunity to try slacklining, yoga classes, aerial silks, acro yoga, and various movement classes. Enjoy an evening bonfire, music + fire and flow. The schedule for workshops and activities will be announced closer to the festival date.

What is Primitive Camping? You provide your own tent and all the items you would need to successfully live for 4 days. You put up your own tent. Suggested items include: tent, rain fly, sleeping bag/ air mattress with sheets and comforter, all weather clothes (it's April showers bring May flowers :) Cooler for food, food. These are our minimal suggestions, we will put out a what to pack list a couple of weeks prior to the fest.

Will There be Food Provided? There will be a common kitchen set up with propane camping grills. We will not provide pots, pans, plates or utensils. We will also have various food items, coffee, drinks and packaged alcohol available at the General Store. We will also have 2 food trucks set up for lunch and dinner times.

What Can I Find at The General Store? You will find ice, coffee, fresh pressed juice, kombucha on tap, simmering bone broth, locally sourced eggs, locally butchered beef, packaged alcohol, seasonal vegetables and fruit

Is Your Property ADA Compliant? According to the government's requirements probably not but we are definitely supportive to anyone with a disability or an obstacle. Please reach out to with any support that you might need on site. We will happily accommodate what we can to ensure you have a full festival experience.

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How Can We Minimize Our Waste on Site? The first step is packing mindfully before you head to the property. We will have a video that we will send out to our attendees with suggested packing tips to ensure we minimize our waste on our farm while still having an epic festival experience. On site we will have waste diversion systems including composting food, aluminum can recyling and steel can recycling. We will have a solution for glass and plastic but those are preferred items that you toss in your local waste systems or recyling programs.

I Can't Afford the Festival What Are My Options? We understand financial scarcity and we are not interested in having anyone feel like they cannot make it to this festival because they don't have the funds. We have created a volunteer program as one option and you can also facilitate a workshop in exchange for a discounted ticket. Applications will go live on 8/21/2023. If you cannot afford the volunteer ticket please reach out to to work out a plan.

Can I Teach at the Festival? YES! Applications are live click Get Involved at the top or bottom of the page

Can I Volunteer at the Festival? YES! Applications are live click Get Involved at the top or bottom of the page

Can I Vend at the Festival? YES! Applications are live click Get Involved at the top or bottom of the page

Can I Bring an Art Installation? The short answer is YES! All art installations need to be approved before they are brought on site. Please send a message with the details.

When Will You Announce the Workshop and Activity Schedule? As we collect submissions for this and confirm facilitators we will do social media blasts as well as put their info on the website. We won't have a schedule with times until 3/1/2024 but stay tuned as the wonderful facilitators and their offerings pop up on our feed

Do you have RV Full Hook Up Sites? We will have 6 available by time the festival arrives. We are currently in the process of building the infrastructure and when it is built and we have photos we will add the ticket option to the site. If you'd like to be added to the wait list please email to secure your spot.

How Do I Get to The Festival? The exact address is 10346 Murphy Road, Blackwell, MO 63626 There's a couple of options, Drive, Fly, Train. We are about an hour South of St. Louis off of Rt. 55. If you are flying the easiest airport is STL. There's also an Amtrak that gets into downtown STL. We hope to have a shuttle running from the city on Thursday evening and Friday. We will also have a RIDESHARE FB group for anyone that has room in their car or is looking for a spot. Stay tuned for that info.

What Does Family Friendly Mean? As a mother of two babes under 3 and a FESTIE at heart it's important for me to create spaces where kids and adults can play alongside each other. If you're looking for a community to introduce your babes and family to this is the one. For any specific questions and mama / papa support please reach directly out to me at

Are Pets Allowed? Pets are allowed on leashes. Please keep in mind this is a working farm with cows, goats and horses. If there is an altercation between your animal and our animals you will be held responsible.

Can I bring my electric bike/ scooter/ hoverboard / side by side? Yes! All are welcome, we have a nighttime restriction of no vehicles/side by sides after 10pm for safety. Except by festival staff for emergency use.

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